Monday, September 6, 2010

Zone Conference

September 6, 2010 (Beautiful coastal city called Huasco)

It has been a truly amazing and quick week here in Vallenar! Along with the new assignment in the mission has come a lot of new and fun work, which means that time is flying by even faster. Elder Shim and I have been prayerfully holding companionship exchanges almost every day with the other missionaries here in Vallenar. We travelled to a beautiful little coastal city called Huasco, and I'm sending a bunch of pictures from there. (We're actually there right now since we came back to play soccer on the beach and have a little activity). We have worked with all the missionaries from our zone, and we can see a huge difference in the results that we are having in the mission. This really is the greatest work ever! I love it!

We also had our Zone Conference this week, and it went great. Our mission president, President Bruce, is really amazing. He has brought an awesome spirit to the mission, and we're all excited and working hard. I just have to sprint and work and sweat these last few weeks that I have to serve the Lord! We have one investigator, Diego, who accepted an invitation to be baptized on October 9th, and he is really awesome. We have other investigators who are also progressing, and I love being able to teach and see people change their lives when they feel the power of the Holy Ghost enter into their soul. While we were teaching a new investigator this week, a 16-year-old named Alexander, we asked him what he was feeling after teaching him about Joseph Smith's vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ. He said, "I'm not sure how to describe it. I feel different, but in a good way. It's like I'm really calm and peaceful. I understand perfectly what you are saying like it's a movie, and I know it's true." We testified to him that it was the power of the Holy Ghost, and by those same feelings he could know that truth of ALL THINGS, even our message!

I love the peace and knowledge the Holy Ghost brings to our lives. It is really the most precious and wonderful gift that we have! I feel so small as I work here in the mission and see such great miracles and blessings in the lives of my Chilean brothers and sisters. I know that this is God's work and that Christ is at the head of the Church. These really are the best two years!

I love you all so much. Sorry that I didn't write too much this week; we've just been working like crazy during this final stretch of my mission. I hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

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