Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day after Mother's Day (May 11, 2009)

Two Baptisms! (May 11, 2009):

Wow, this week was amazing. I just want to tell you guys that I have the most amazing family ever. And, I'm loving every week of the mission! Today I received a phone call from our zone leader. I'm being transferred to Copiapó tomorrow! That means I'll have to take a bus ride for 18 hours to go to the middle of the desert with no beach or anything. It will be awesome. My companion said that he saw rain over there a couple of times (not anything huge, just little drizzles), so maybe I'll see rain in the near future! That would be neat. :)

This week was amazing. We had 2 baptisms on Saturday during a "Noche Blanca" -- Maritza and Oriana. My companion baptized Oriana (in the photos, she is 12 years old but looks a lot older...), and Ricardo, Maritza's son, baptised his mom. This day was one of the greatest days of my life, to feel the spirit of God so strong during the baptism and to see the pure joy in the face of Maritza and Ricardo when Maritza came up out of the water. It was something I will never forget. I also had the opportunity to confirm Oriana a member of the church and give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost. My Spanish was almost perfect, which is a true miracle because I was speaking in "Tu," and I usually only use "usted" in the mission. I'm so grateful for the chance to be a missionary and be a part of the many miracles that were wrought in my sector, Simón Bolívar. I will always be thankful to my Heavenly Father for the many miracles I have seen here in the mission field!

Oh, and the funny story I told dad on the phone: we were teaching Maritza about the Word of Wisdom, we asked her if she had any problems with this commandment. She told us that one time she used to smoke cigarrettes because she was working in the home of a governor and sweat a lot. Also, she couldn't really afford to buy deodorant, and since cigarrettes were much cheaper in Bolivia at this time, she smoked to cover the smell of her body odor! How funny, huh? She also told us that it was easy to stop smoking after she quit her job. She is the funniest lady! One day, you will have to get to know her. I really do love the people that I am working with, so it will be hard to leave them tomorrow. But hopefully I'll keep in touch with all of them!

Well, I don't know what more to say. I love the mission. I'm looking forward to serving in my new sector tomorrow, after the 18 hour bus ride. I'll tell you what it's like next week! I love you all -- write me!

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