Sunday, May 11, 2008

TWA Date

It was recently Baby Dillon's 16th birthday, and I promised to show him how the dating scene goes. He took out Jenessa Mortensen, and I took out Sara Hardy. I left it up to him to plan the date. We started at UNM to try to use up my meal plan, and we ended up hiking on the path to the TWA crash site. We had a list of some random things that we needed to find for a type of photo-scavenger hunt. Here are some that I took:

Sweet fort!

We stopped at this waterfall instead of hiking all the way to the plane crash. It was still a pretty long hike!

This was the best shot of the rapid squirrel that was on our list of things to find. It was seriously crazy looking.

Sweet rock!

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Mike said...

Sweet date Sam! The water fall is really a trickle this year. Did you find Golum?