Saturday, February 5, 2011


For an early Valentine's Day date, I decided to take Kiley to see the broadway production of "Wicked" at Popejoy Hall. It was absolutely incredible!

"Wicked" is about the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz. It starts with Galinda (the good witch) and Elphaba (the wicked witch) when they were in college together, and it tells the story of how Elphaba became wicked. It is a fantastic musical, and I really enjoyed the music (especially the song, "What is this Feeling?"). I would write more about it, but I'd hate to give away spoilers! You'll just have to go and see it for yourself -- it's definitely worth it! :)


Tammy said...

hey...who is this girl you are with? you're not _ _ _ _ _ _ _ yet are you?

Sam said...

Actually... Yes I am _ _ _ _ _ _ _! We'll be getting _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in June. :)