Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Anniversary No. 6

Last month we celebrated our 6 year anniversary. Sounds crazy, but looking at our life now, we accomplished a lot in 6 years. 

On a week day we hired a young woman to watch our kids while we relived our anniversary by eating at the Tower of the Americas. I still think it's a little funny we moved to the place we honeymooned at, but I hardly remember the city, so it does feel like we are exploring it all over again. The restaurant is very expensive, has decent food, but you really pay for the ambiance. We then walked the Riverwalk a little bit and enjoyed what little moments we had without our kids. ;)

Look at these old farts!

What we looked like 6 years prior.
On our actual anniversary we decided to get a dozen donuts, visit the Natural Bridge Caverns, watch a baptism, then hang out at home and watch Lego Batman. Here are Sam's photos of the Natural Bridge Caverns:

My favorite part.

My second favorite part.

Very humid in there!

I couldn't tell you the history of any of it, but it was pretty cool. It has nothing on Carlsbad, of course, and I don't think we'll see them again due to the price ($40 for me and Joey to go through alone. Sam was free because of the military at least).

Happy Anniversary Sam!

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Celestine said...

Happy belated 6th wedding anniversary Kiley and Sam! I loved the photos and thought the old ones were the new ones. You actually look YOUNGER now than when you were first married--evidence of righteous and healthy living.

Congratulations, and keep honeymooning for the rest of your lives. We love you and miss you!