Sunday, May 14, 2017


I can't believe this day has finally come! After four years of undergraduate education and four years of medical school, I have successfully completed my degree requirements and was officially awarded a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree. The same day, I renewed my oath of office to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" and to "bear true faith and allegiance to the same," and I was promoted to Captain in the United States Air Force. Here are some photos:

My mentor and the doctor that helped me see the light and pursue ophthalmology, Dr. Arup Das.

A close friend and associate, Dr. John Mason, who helped me get through the first two years of medical school.

Drs. Arup Das and Nate Roybal, both retina surgeons. Hopefully I'll be working with them by the time I return to NM!
 Here are a few proofs from the professional photographers that were hired for the convocation. Sorry, I couldn't justify spending $85 to get the full-resolution images when I had a bunch that we took with our own cameras...

Our Dean, Dr. Paul Roth, giving his opening remarks:

Look who is giving a 2-minute speech during the convocation! Dr. Art Kaufman gave our keynote address, Daphne Olson gave our student speech, and Alan Mason, Jane Fazio, and I presented awards to faculty and residents.

Alan! What a stud. When we learned that we weren't receiving any awards for medical school (even after getting straight A's), we told each other, "At least we won't have to give a speech during convocation!" I guess we spoke too soon...

Time to walk! I was hooded by Dr. Das, my mentor and friend. It was a nice ceremony, even though I am not much for ceremonies.

After the ceremony, we had a nice reception. Cake for breakfast! Did I mention that we arrived at 6:30am and started the ceremony at 8am? Yeah, it was a bit early.

I'm so grateful for Kiley, who has supported me this entire time! She has definitely borne a greater burden than I have, caring for the children 24/7 and dealing with grumpy Sam during my times of weakness. I could never have done it without her! Thank you for being my eternal sweetheart!

During the reception, we took our oaths for promotion to Captain in the USAF.

Me and my friend Dr. Tom Schelby, discussing what will happen. Can you believe that we have been through all this together, starting with Commissioned Officer's Training in 2013?

Taking the oath of office

Pinning on my captain's bars!

Thanks for reading! It has been a great journey. I'm looking forward to my future training in general surgery, ophthalmology, and then (hopefully) retina!


Celestine said...

We loved being a part of it all! We are so proud of you, Sam, and of Kiley too for her amazing academic accomplishments at such a young age! We love you and your family dearly.

Mike said...

Captain Samuel D. Hobbs, ES, BA, MD. The ES is for Eagle Scout!