Sunday, March 19, 2017

Valentines WEEK

If no one knows by now, I'm a sucker for themes. This year I thought of a "music" theme for Valentine's day and surprisingly a lot of ideas came to mind. First, I saw these beautiful piano chocolate molds and I decided to try out a fancy dessert: Chocolate mousse with raspberries in a dark chocolate piano. I was surprised that it worked since I never put these molds together. (Not perfect, but I'm still impressed with myself).

I haven't visited Robertson and Sons' Violin shop in a while and I noticed the bridge of my cello was starting to bend. Then I thought, "Hey, Sam should try out new violas while that gets fixed" so we asked our amazing neighbor to watch our kids while we spent an afternoon at that wondrous place. And we both knew that if Sam tried out violas, there was no going back to his old one. Meet Natalia, Sam's new viola (we were able to trade his old one and pay some for this beauty).

The last thing we did for Valentine's Day was see the NM Phil (again). But guys, this program was too good to pass up! Mahler's 6th Symphony and Schubert's Unfinished. The Mahler required a huge orchestra, so a lot of musicians had to fit on that stage. Funny moment was with the cellists. One messed up big time and it was pretty noticeable. You could see the principal cellist shoot a nasty look. But it's nice to know that even professionals mess up, but it still turns out beautiful.

For the boys I held a Valentine's lunch party with their little lunch buddies. I had everyone bring finger foods and Sam baked me a ton of sugar cookies for decorating. Our place wasn't that big, but it turned out really fun! These are some people I'm really going to miss when we move from Albuquerque.

Hope your Valentine's Day was magical.

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