Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Crazy Boys

 Our life with these boys are never dull. Here are some random pictures just to update on their shenanigans.

Eli's obsessed with cars. He has them parked along this container lid.

We watch our friends' baby while they are in school. 

I don't know what was happening, but I thought it was ridiculous enough to snap a picture.

We got to visit a fire station. Joey LOVED it.
Eli wanted to wonder around and that was hard.

This is my circus and these are my monkeys!

Joey started getting into photography. Not bad, eh?


This picture melts my heart!

Eli is soo clumsy. He slips and trips and falls regularly.
His head met this cement park bench
 and the result was a good goose egg.

Doesn't stop him from getting back up and causing mischief wherever he goes. 

Joey at our St. Patrick's Dessert Auction
These brothers. I think they like each other. They follow each other around at least. But Joey is pretty mean to his brother and still pinches, scratches, grabs, pushes, pokes, kicks, and even bites him. Any suggestions on preventing this behavior?

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Celestine said...

Hi Kiley, I love your crazy boys! My advice about Joey's mean behaviors is to "bite him back" if he bites--but very gently so it doesn't hurt much at all but hopefully sends the message to his brain that biting is unpleasant to the person receiving it.

Hang in there with my beautiful grandboys. They soon grow up, even when we don't notice it happening. Keep them safe, and make every opportunity a teaching moment. Enjoy this time of their young lives, and stay positive and happy. I will miss you and your precious family so much! I love you all dearly. Can't wait to come visit and to see your first home!