Sunday, March 19, 2017

My LONG Break

Thanks Kiley for always being so awesome and updating our blog! You rock. I'm so glad I married you.

I decided that since you had a nice update on our family in general, I should tell you what I have been up to the past few months. I think you already saw the table I built for Kiley, but there is so much more!

Poster Kiley and I made to show off the places we've visited together. Looks like we have some traveling to do...

As you probably know, I am a commissioned officer in the Air Force, and my medical education is being financed by the government. There are many great benefits but also some drawbacks. One benefit (and drawback) is that my funding will end, according to my contract, upon graduation or upon completion of graduation requirements if that precedes graduation by 45 days or more. Since I have finished all but one elective block (4-week course) for medical school, I was planning on taking a bunch of electives during my last semester. As it turns out, I couldn't take the electives because the military would end my living stipend. When I emailed about the issues, I was told that the Air Force wouldn't pay me to take a long vacation at the end of my medical education, but I found it strange they didn't mind paying for a four-and-a-half-month vacation in the middle of my fourth year of medical school instead of letting me to take meaningful courses that would help me be a more well-rounded physician. Not that I'm complaining!

Here I am at the Klondike Derby, where I camped with the 11-Year-Old Scouts in my Dad's ward. In the morning, I helped run the first aid station and had a blast! Hopefully I'll get a calling in the Young Men's program one of these days...

I didn't think I would be prepared for the cold weather, but I realized my Air Force ABUs were perfect! I even went for a 3-mile run in the snow at 5:30am, heard coyotes howling, and saw some bear tracks. Pretty awesome...

My dad making breakfast burritos before the competition! 
This was the First Aid station where the Boy Scouts had to care for a car crash victim (the scenario progressed from a simple arm wound to unconsciousness, vomiting and aspiration, and cardiac arrest)
A troop trying to figure out what to do (it was a hard scenario for everyone! Except for maybe the team of girls, who ended up beating out every single Boy Scout troop in the entire competition...)

This was an awesome homemade PVC sled that could be disassembled in a jiffy

I had a number of goals for my time off, including working on family projects (such as building the dining room table) and writing a sequel to my book Memoirs of a High School Dropout: Secrets to Success. I was tempted to entitle my new book Your Doctor Dropped Out of High School, but settled on Doctor in the Making. I am still in the editing process, but overall I think it's a success! Sure, it won't be a best-seller anytime soon, but I am happy to leave my life story little-by-little for my kiddos.

The first proof of my book arrived! Wow, it actually looks pretty good...
And finally, Match Day arrived for 4th Year Medical Students! Medical students around the country (and foreign graduates around the world) compete for residency positions during their last year of training. This is part of the reason why we have so much time off (we jokingly call fourth year "the most expensive vacation of our lives"). Match Day was March 17th at 11am. It was a great celebration! The amazing Dr. Robert Melendez spoke, as well as a number of faculty at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, and it went great. 

UNM School of Medicine Class of 2017 - can't believe we're all doctors now!
Here is a map composite showing where we all matched. Can you find me? Probably not, due to the low-quality image...

 In case you haven't heard (if you're not on Facebook or something), Kiley and I matched! Being in the Air Force, we matched back in December but haven't gotten around to blogging about it until now. I matched at the San Antonio Military Medical Center/Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center, where I will be doing my intern year in General Surgery and then my residency training in Ophthalmology. Woohoo! It was my first (and only) choice of residency and program, so we are very excited! We are going to be Texans, moving to San Antonio in May of this year!

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Celestine said...

Ah, what a motivational blog. I am so darn proud of my baby boy. I'm also excited for you and your family to leave the NM nest and venture out to Texas for the first time. So glad you bought a little house to call your own! I can't wait to come and visit you this fall or winter!

What is this mama supposed to do without her boy around? And what about my beautiful little grandsons to love on? I will be thinking about you and your sweet family and praying for you all the time. I love you dearly, Sam!