Sunday, March 19, 2017

Cabin Time

We have some catching up to do! Expect like a hundred blog posts soon.

Our family had the opportunity to head off last minute to my parents' time share near Pagosa Springs, CO beginning of February. The weather was nice and there was still snow on the ground, so we got to do some sledding. I had to take the chance to go because (if I didn't mention it on the blog yet) we are MOVING TO SAN ANTONIO! I probably won't see this childhood place for a long long time. And the boys loved it.

Watching movies.

Eli probably had a blowout.

Eli just laying there being dragged.

Joey loves the idea of outside and snow, but he wanted to be inside after a little bit every time.


Sun in the eyes, but oh, the cabin!
Sam found us a hill to go down with all the kids, but Sam headed towards a metal pole his last round and smacked right into it, ringing around it once or twice and getting huge bruises on his thighs. Too bad I didn't see that!

It was a good last stay at the cabin. Until next time!

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