Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Christmas 2016: Part One

Happy Post Holidays! Taking advantage of my boys napping at the same time, I'm going to blog about our Christmas plans. I thought, Sam has the entire month of December off, we should try to do everything! Turns out there's too much of a good thing, and next year I'm going to simplify it as much as possible. But, I'm going to blog what we did end up doing!

11/28/16: The Nutcracker! We thought Joey might enjoy it, and he did very well for the first half.
Then we realized he is a three year old. At a ballet.
12/1-12/2/16: A Child is Born concert. We do this every year, but this was our last year.
It was better than I expected: I thought it was going to be a pretty long program but it hit about an hour. 

Jacob and Shauna were super kind to drop off a cookie making kit!
We decided to make the cookies for our neighbors and go caroling with the Boyacks. 

Festival of Trees: this was our first year going and it was really cute: live bands, free hot cocoa, a chance to see Santa, and lots of trees up for auction. There were a lot of cool looking trees, but these are the ones that made it onto our phones.
Note: Joey's first year of liking Santa!

Our bigger tree arrived and we immediately replaced our previous 4 footer.

Maybe not Christmas related, but Sam decided to take the kids to McDonald's for ice cream while I was off somewhere.

As offhandedly as I could manage I told Sam he should build me a farm house table during his long break. He broke out the laptop, found plans, tweaked them to create extension leaves, and whipped it out in what I thought was record time. Thanks to our parents in letting us borrow space and tools!

Complete with ghost chairs and a planter centerpiece.
Christmas card and letter!I wanted to go with a New Mexican theme since this is
our last year as New Mexicans (for a while at least). 

Hopefully I can whip out the rest of our holiday soon!


Faizan Amin said...
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Celestine said...

Another great posting (your "Christmas 2016:Part One"). I especially loved seeing your table stained and finished, and set up for show--it looks awesome! And I love seeing any pictures of Joey and Eli. I love them so much!