Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas 2016: Part 2

Here is part 2 of our Christmas festivities! After some sickness and burnout, we ended up not doing everything I originally planned. Not that we tried!

Joey got the idea of Santa this year! He asked for marbles
(much to my dismay having a baby who puts everything in his mouth).
For fun, here are his previous Santa pictures.
Eli didn't scream like Joey did his age, but he wasn't into sitting
when there is mayhem to cause.
Christmas eve we debated whether we alls should go to Jessica's house
since Eli has been throwing up every day for a week,
but none of us wanted to miss the festivities.
 Here is Joey having the time of his life with his cousins.
Yummy cinnamon rolls ;)
Enjoying our brunch before Celestine's present rings the doorbell!
Jared and Jenny drove all the way from Palo Alto for Christmas! 
Their little puppy Chloe!
Joey was obsessed with her.
Reunited never felt so good!
Christmas to remember.
All the grandkids. Can you tell Sam photoshopped this picture?

Favorite thing gift exchange. Sam got Jacob a brain mold since
Sam is into medicine and Jacob is into AI. Also, Jello is delicious.
No caption needed.
Christmas jammies. A tradition I loved as a kid.
Christmas this year was...Oi. We had church at 9,
plus we were singing in the choir, plus two crazy kiddos,
so we did Christmas morning after church.
Eli's coupe.
Joey's tricycle.
Music instruments. "Joey, what's your favorite instrument?" "CYMBALS!"
Santa delivered.
We went to my parents house later in the day.
I got my mom a canvas print of my grandparents sledding.
Next day Sam and Joey went sledding themselves while Jared and Jenny were still in town. Sam only got stuck in the snow a few times with our little Honda Accord. Good thing Jared had a winch to save him. Joey liked sledding for a little bit, then watched TV in Jessica's car with some of her kids after a little bit.

Other activities that had no pictures: 
-White Elephant exchange at the Prestwich home
-Temple date on the Hobbs side of the family
-Game night, where we hired our first paid babysitter 
-Our attempt to go to River of Lights (we left too late and there was no parking!)
-Another Christmas concert we played for the Albuquerque East Stake
-Last but not least, our friends had their baby! Baby D is adorable and we had the pleasure to take care of their daughter for a few hours the day of while they were in the hospital. We do have a picture of him:

Whew! We are simplifying next year, I'm making that promise to myself! 

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Celestine said...

You always do a great job of capturing the feelings and events of your boys and your family! I loved all the photos and your words. Those little guys (and Sam) are so blessed to have you!