Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dear Elijah,

Happiest Birthday to you! (Even though you were throwing up all week) This year definitely flew by and my baby is officially a toddler. Forgive my mush, but I just love my sweet little Eli. Everyone, even strangers we’ve met that day, comment on your happy demeanor and it has been such a blessing in our family. These past few weeks you haven’t been yourself with sickness and who knows what else, but you woke up super happy yesterday and I said a silent prayer of gratitude. I need your smiles in my life!

We’ll find out your height and weight when we go to the doctor, but I feel you have slowed down in growth to an average sized healthy child. Your hair lightened up, but you have a tan complexion, so I call you my California babe. You are a decent eater, and daddy took over the majority of solid feedings since I am a slow eater. However, you gave up baby food a while ago and still prefer nursing at times. Six teeth, and you know how to use those suckers. Not maliciously, but any time your mouth makes contact with anything your first instinct is to bite. I hope we can figure out not to do that!

You’ve started to really love having mama around. You are not as content as you once were having others hold you, but you still do fairly well (especially when I’m not in sight). I love to see you interact with your brother. Despite how rough Joey can be with you, he still the one that gets the biggest laughs out of you and you still follow him around. Your favorite things to do now is play with shoes, books, and cars. The boy life chose me with you and your brother. You like to gather and scatter and regather things, and we have a cute video of you with cans of green beans doing exactly that.

You will sometimes sleep through the night, but for the majority of the time these days you wake up at least once. However, I think it is because you haven’t been feeling well. Our New Year’s Goal for you, sleep through the night! Also, we should probably wean you from a binky and mama’s milk. Those are more for me to work on of course. You are a bit oblivious to these goals I have for you.

You know how to go up and down stairs, slide off the couch, and you can even take a few steps! Walking is right around the corner. My guess is within a month. You are ridiculously wiggly, and church is an adventure with you and your brother. You like to get into everything! We really should have baby-proofed our house by now, but I’m lazy. No words yet, but you are starting to copy certain sounds. You will high-five, wave (if we are lucky), and clap. Maybe when you are in a more copying mood I’ll teach you some sign language.

It is amazing how different you are from your brother. Yet it is so easy to love you both. At times it is difficult to have to share my time and attention with the both of you. Guilt can set in when I think about the times when it was just me and your older brother, and I could give him my full attention. I could not give that to you most of the time. So, thank you for still being our happy, patient little guy. Thank you for helping me become a better person and to let go of less important things. It won’t be easy at times, but I promise I love you so much. We love you so much. Always be that ray of sunshine I need in my life.

Love, Mama


Rachelle said...

This is the sweetest photo shoot I have seen in a long time! Happy birthday, cutie pie!

Celestine said...

Why do you always make me cry?? I love that sweet Eli, and I love your words to your boys (all 3 of them)! You are a sweet mama. We love you Kiley!