Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Halloweeners

I assigned Sam the task of blogging about the Balloon Fiesta, but I'm going to jump ahead a little bit while it's still relevant and blog about Halloween 2016.

Joey is OBSESSED with Curious George right now. He's also obsessed about Halloween. I dubbed it our official Curious George Halloween since we watched the movie almost every day, carved our pumpkins with Curious George, and had Joey and Sam dress up as George and the Man with the Yellow Hat. We attended our ward's Trunk or Treat and went around our apartment complex on the actual day. Here are some pictures!

Our little scuba diver
Joey in heaven.
Aren't they so adorable?

Matching Eli with my mermaid getup.
 Joey got a good bag of candy at the Trunk or Treat, but we weren't done with the festivities. The kids painted their pumpkins while Sam and I carved. Joey loved painting maybe a little too much!

Joey in his element.

Eli never really painted, but somehow
he still got paint on himself!

Meet Charlie, our new cat.

My carving, the Man with the Yellow Hat and George.
This was actually the best face I made so excuse the wild look in my eye!

Sam managed to carve George out of his little pumpkin!

Mine's a little hard to tell what it is but I'm proud of it!
On actual Halloween we went around our complex. Sam was too busy to take the kids so I grabbed my mermaid leggings and the yellow hat and tried to make some rounds. However, Joey found a tricycle and it was game over. He was done and just wanted to ride the tricycle in the dark. We got enough candy anyway so it wasn't too big of a deal I guess. We might do costume repeats next year because costumes get so pricy! At least we had a good time with it.

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