Monday, November 7, 2016

Pumpkin Patches

Another long post from the Hobbs family! As part of my tour Albuquerque (and surrounding areas) plan, we had the pleasure to attend not one, but two awesome pumpkin patches this fall. I took the boys to McCall's Pumpkin patch in Moriarty, then a couple weeks later Sam got a day off and we headed to Galloping Grace's pumpkin patch in Rio Rancho.

McCall's: If I was more prepared, it would have been really fun. I thought it would last until noon, then we would drive home and have lunch. Since I was with a group, we had to wait for the last person to arrive, which was almost an hour late! Meanwhile, Joey enjoyed the rocking chairs, sandbox, and wandering away from the group.

What was fun about McCall's versus Galloping Grace was the tractor ride out into the actual patch and the picking of any pumpkin. Joey naturally went for the small, rotting ones, so I picked his for him (not pictured).

While my group was so prepared with their lunches, I scavenged for food for my kiddies then walked around for other fun stuff to do. There were farm animals, a corn pit, a corn maze, a goat feeding area, slides, and other fun stuff.

This kind of chicken should be added to my mom's collection.
Enjoying the animals.
The Lord is Our Shepherd.
What Joey went straight to.

As good as we could get it.
Big Pig.

My favorite goat.
Conclusion: worth the $7 per person if we brought food to last us the whole day. It also got us a pumpkin for that price.

Galloping Grace: This pumpkin patch used to be free, but they amped it up this year, and as a consequence it was $3 per person plus more for a pumpkin. They did have a free military day, so Sam got in for free! They were really friendly here and offered to take our picture the moment we got in.

We didn't get a tractor hayride, buy Joey probably liked riding the little tractors just as much. We threw Eli on one for kicks and giggles too. Eli really did kick and giggle, though.

Joey HATED the corn pits when he was younger and more sensitive to different textures. Now he was rolling around in it. Eli had more joy in eating the corn (we tried to stop him, don't worry).

Burying Daddy in corn.
The happy guy we know and love.
Getting the hay out of his monkey was a task!
There was a petting zoo, but of course it was extra.

Something they had here was duck racing, and we all had fun with the pumping water and rubber ducks.

Guess where we spent the most time. Again.

Let's go tire racing!
*Picks up tire* Where did he go? Joey? Joey!
Ah, the hay tower.
Mah boyz.
Joey is obsessed with pumpkins!
 Conclusion: It was really fun having Sam and being able to leave when I wanted to. I think they were both worth the prices they put out. We'll see what happens next fall when we move!

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Celestine said...

Kiley, I laughed my way through your Autumn blog! I love the way you write and how well you express yourself. I can hear you talking about the activities and photos! I sure love you and your beautiful family. The other night as I was thinking about your family's impending move this spring, I cried myself to sleep =(.

I will miss you terribly!!! I'm crying agin as I write this. I've been so spoiled by having most of our family nearby. When you move, we'll be coming to visit as often as time permits!