Monday, October 24, 2016

Joey at 3 1/2

Half a year has gone by, time for an update!

Joey has been so patient with me as a mom and sweet to his brother (for the most part). Perhaps I struggled to be his mama at times (especially when Sam was gone for a month), but more recently I have enjoyed the little man he is. I love to see the things he is taking in and learning.

Things about Joey:

-He switches what shows he wants to binge watch. At his birthday it was Curious George, then Super Why, then Octonauts, and now he's back to Curious George.

-Once shy of sand and dirt, now he is always covered in it. He loves dump trucks and excavators.

-His favorite foods are cereal, pizza, hamburgers, vanilla ice cream, yogurt, and suckers. He has a sweet tooth for sure.

-His language is blossoming, but he still switches his words around in his sentences. Sometimes he totally sounds like Yoda.

-No potty training, but one day Sam noticed pee in his little potty. No asking, no stickers or candy bribing. Perhaps we can do it by his 4th birthday!

-He loves his brother, but can still be rough with him, especially if Eli is playing with a toy Joey wants.

-He has become somewhat of a loner, though he loves to be with other kids. He hates sharing and is pretty content doing his own thing.

-If he feels threatened by another kid, he bites! We are still trying to find what works to kick that habit, but I hate the biting. I'm always on edge when he is near other kids, including his brother.

-Some of his favorite phrases: "Clean up, clean up everybody every share!", "Monkey eat nana in tree", "that's dangerous!", "a hungry", "have a picnic, get shoes on, lunch at park", "cayful, cayful", "E E!" (his brother), "Ki-leh" (me), and a bunch of monkey noises. Like, most of what he says consists of monkey noises.

-The other night he melted my heart by saying "Love you mama" for the first time.

-Had his first ER visit, and probably not his last. 

-Still in speech therapy. He might have trouble with "auditory processing", but it is still a little early to know for sure. He has started covering his ears if there are loud noises or if he is in trouble within thsese past few weeks.

-Other things he loves: Mickey Mouse, pumpkins, garbage trucks, bubble baths, and cousins.

One day got the toaster out and put his play bread in.

Only naps he takes are in the car.
His love for dirt and water.
Has to have his picture taken during Eli's monthly photoshoots too.

Ask him to make happy, sad, and angry faces and it's cute.

Left, Hitler mustache after drinking Shakeology. Right, ready to go to the store with Daddy's shoes.

We love you Joey! I love your sweet kisses, hugs, and face.


Celestine said...

Loved that Joey blog! He is such a ham and a sweetheart too. We are so blessed and happy to have him in our lives!

Kevin Kartchner said...

I love Joey with all my heart!