Thursday, September 8, 2016


Warning: Cuteness overload! We love our boys so much and they love each other (when they're not pinching each other or pulling hair). Eli is still so innocent but is starting to love tackling, biting and pinching. "E-i, timeout!" Joey will say, and to be fair we put Eli in his highchair when he does something "naughty". But Joey and Eli love being near each other and will follow each other around. And I love it.

Started wrestling when Eli was 5 months.
Joey's always wrapping his arm around Eli's neck.
Joey likes to help feed Eli.
Favorite part of their day: brother bath!
Add bubbles and color tabs and they are in heaven.
Eli started following Joey around.
If Joey isn't bothering Eli, Eli is bothering Joey.
Both love being outside.
More shenanigans in Mexico. 
They fight over toys now though Eli is still 8 months!
I'm so grateful to have these two boys in my life. It is no picnic being a mother and being outnumbered during the day, but my heart grew ten times ever since these two have entered into my life. I hope they continue to nurture their relationship and become best of friends (a mom can dream right?)


Kevin Kartchner said...

I love those little guys! I'm Joey is starting to take Eli under his wing a little.

Celestine said...

Okay, that was the sweetest "brotherly love" post yet! LOVED it, and LOVE those scrumptious boys even more!