Tuesday, August 23, 2016

8 Months


::Our Mr. Mobile Man, cannot sit still ever::Learned how to pull himself up to everything::Even started to cruise and hold with only one hand::Becoming a mama's boy::Enjoys baths, reading books, and eating shoes::Sometimes claps and moves his finger to his lips and it's adorable::Will be switched to one year clothing soon::


Oh my heart! It seems to be going so so fast. This kid is learning so much and it's exciting to see, but it also means he's becoming a little boy and not a little baby. He learned to pull himself up to things, cruise along furniture, and even started to let go with one hand! Joey didn't do this until after a year old, so we're going to have our hands full with this one.

Still a happy little guy, unless tormented by his brother, hungry or sleepy, or just wants his mama to hold him. Eli loves to be where Joey is, and Joey either loves it or is bothered. Either way Eli ends up crying from Joey's rough housing. I thought maybe Joey will be softer when he's older and knows better. However, I saw an older brother wrestling his younger hard to the ground so many times at this party we attended that I realized it will only get worse! Better soak it up when they still like each other.

Walking in the Bosque
Pull up to everything, even the bathtub!
That smile!
Showing off his new skill
We love you Eli!

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Celestine said...

I am going to steal your baby! He has me and Mike feeling all mushy whenever we see his kissable little face. Who knew it was even possible to have another over-the-top beautiful boy?? Keep a close eye out on him so he doesn't get squashed or rough housed too hard! Love you guys!!