Monday, May 9, 2016

Spring 2016: Photo Dump

Even though I've been updating the blog, I haven't been updating the blog. Here is a dump of all our little activities until the end of April-ish.

Joey deemed the laundry basket a boat and Eli
his first mate (at least until Monkey came along).
Found the Toy Library and can check out toys for free! 
One of Sam's cute patients wrote this note on her door.
Jessica led us to this fun, shaded park one day.
A flamingo out of the ropes at the zoo.
Devery's cute girls on Easter Saturday:

Dyeing eggs

My family is obsessed with chickens at the moment and went from 3 during
Christmas to 13 during Easter. Although some died, we just kept getting more!
Celebrating Joey's birthday on Easter (yes it was a month before):

General Conference at the Boyacks:

Sam surprised me with a mystery date: a mystery dinner! Spoiler: Audrey did it!
The twins got baptized, but sadly we were on our way back from California on the actual date. Here are some unedited pics I took at the temple:

After our trip we decided to check out Snapshat and discovered Face Swapping!

Joey discovered how to climb into the crib,
my last defense for Eli!
 And that is all.

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Celestine said...

Love the butt shot of Joey! And those face swaps are really creepy-looking! Fun posting, Kiley. Love you guys!