Friday, April 22, 2016

Dear Joseph,

I sincerely hope I can write you a mushy letter every birthday of yours because it really helps me reflect on my love for you and the progression you’ve made each year. This is my third letter, which means you recently turned 3 years old.

Where to start! You are around 3 feet tall and weigh 28 pounds. Your eating habits change often, but right now you are an okay to good eater. Perhaps it depends on your pooping habits, and sorry I talk about your poop a lot. But I’m your mom so there. Your favorite food is cereal, particularly Life. You ask for it every morning. You also ask for chocolate milk a lot, fruit snacks, apples, pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, and a lot of other junky type stuff. You can be skeptical about food, but usually you’ll take more than one bite if we can get you to try it. The key is to get you to take a bite!

As far as things you like, you still like cars quite a bit but this year it expanded to things with motors or wheels. You liked Thomas the Train and Planes for a while, but ever since we got Netflix, you started loving the Magic School Bus, and then it became loving buses in general. You always point them out, you learned The Wheels on the Bus, and started carrying around this London Tour Bus Grandma and Grandpa Hobbs got you back when they went to England. Then it became Curious George! I really like this fetish because I enjoy watching Curious George, too. Sadly, Netflix recently took it off, but you still carry around a stuffed monkey your dad had as a kid as well. You love animals and ask to go to the zoo quite a bit. Your favorite would have to be the ducks, though it’s because you love interacting with them.

This year you finished occupational therapy, started and finished speech therapy, but you are still a little behind for your age. We put you on the list for speech again, done a hearing test to see if deafness was an issue (it isn’t), and contemplated whether or not we should test you for autism. You would be high functioning if that were a possibility, though. Despite these little issues, you still are progressing in so many ways! I hear new words you use almost every day. You are learning the alphabet and its sounds well (thanks to a Leap Frog video you loved watching). You insist you are a big boy in that you stopped taking binkies yourself, refuse naps, and found out you can leave your toddler bed without me. However, you still prefer the crib, don’t like getting dressed or undressed (so it’s hard to teach you), and, in your own words, “potty, yuck yuck!” Still in diapers, but we’re working on getting you to consider potty-training.

Major things happened this year as well. We moved, and you handled it as well as anyone could hope. You also became a big brother. I was worried because you tend to have a mean streak in you when it comes to other kids (like biting), but you love Elijah! You are such a sweet big brother, despite forgetting to be gentle. You cuddle with him, share your toys (!), feed him chocolate when mom isn’t looking, and run in to grab something for Eli to play with before we get out the door. You love giving him kisses and taking baths together. Although I have to be vigilant when you two are together, there is no denying that you love your little brother. I sincerely hope that is the case in the years to come.

I am still learning how to be your mom.  I feel I try and fail so many times to stick to a schedule, or to reward good behavior, or on how to help you better engage in the world around you. But one thing is for sure: you are very forgiving and such a sweet little boy. I love being your mom and I worry about you because I love you. I look forward to see the new things you will discover in the year to come!

Love, Mama


ARKA said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your cute son!

Celestine said...

Dearest Kiley, you always say what I feel when it comes to your children! I LOVED your sweet letter to Joey. It melted my heart! Your darling boys are so beautiful and sweet. I really miss them! Don't be hard on yourself when it comes to mothering and housekeeping. You are young, and you're doing a great job. Just remember how quickly babies grow up, and enjoy each moment with your precious boys.

Hang in there with Sam's absence! I love you dear Kiley!