Saturday, April 23, 2016

4 Months


::Tall drink of water and in 6-9 month clothing::Starting to reach and grab::Loves to coo and squawk::One leaky faucet::Rolled once stomach to back::Lost a lot of hair::Had his first taste of chocolate courtesy of Joey::Almost 16 lbs::Size 3 diapers::Never slept through the night::


Still hard to believe that he came into our lives four months ago. Some days are better than others, but he is mostly happy and likes to be standing. Joey loves his little brother and Eli has been starting to smile at Joey, which is so fun to see. We are about to go on a long car trip and I'm a little nervous to see how we do...

We found out Eli is above the 99th percentile for height...they even measured him twice to make sure. He is my big baby and I love his rolls and cheeks and cute cute smile. Somehow I have more motivation to blog with two kids than with one. We'll see if I can keep up, I don't want to forget our little Eli babe!

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Celestine said...

So darn adorably cute! I am so blessed to have such gorgeous grandchildren! As different as Elijah is to Joey, they are equally beautiful, sweet boys and brothers. I love them and miss them!