Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Update on our Boys

Almost caught up (until next week, when Eli turns two months)! Having two children is no walk in the park. You think it will only get twice as hard. Think ten times as hard! But I think I more or less have the hang of it now. Some things you just have to let go.

This is Joey as a big brother summed up right here.  He just wants to be where Eli is...literally. That is his first instinct upon seeing his little brother, which is to lay on top of him. Talk about constant vigilance on my part, haha. He's getting a lot better. He wants to kiss Eli to make him happy whenever he is crying. 

Eli reminds me a lot of what Joey was like when he was the same age. However, a few differences include Eli's size, which he is a little chunkier. Eli also doesn't mind baths, which Joey still hates. In fact, it is one of the few things that will immediately calm him down.


::Mellow baby for the first two weeks::Around 10 lbs::Likes baths::Snacks more than eats::Doesn't like pacifiers::No true smiles yet::Sleeps three hours at most::Poor thing has baby acne::Likes to be held and swaddled::Handles tummy time fairly well::

Joey had to get in the photoshoot and do his thing.
"Baby happy!" Not.
Aww, we love his sweet face!


Crystal said...

So cute!!!

Celestine said...

I love these sweet boys! We need more Joey and Eli time too! I'm so glad that Joey has a brother now and will learn to share and to be a good big brother along the way. He has our hearts wrapped around him, and so does little Elijah. I think your adjustment to two has been more difficult because Joey is still "young" for his age and requires as much care and attention as Eli. Keep doing your best, and try not to get discouraged. You are a wonderful, loving mommy to your beautiful sons, and we love you dearly.