Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thoughts on 2nd Pregnancy

As I promised, I would say a few things about being pregnant second time round. It's hard to say if it has been easier or harder, but boy I forgot how uncomfortable it really is!


My first trimester was horrid, but it wasn't the pregnancy that made it so. Soon after finding out I was pregnant the family came down with a flu-like sickness. While Sam and Joey were on the mend I ended up with a double ear infection. I went to get some antibiotics, but ended up being severely allergic to them! I mentioned it in a post back in May of course. But I was pregnant as well, which complicated it a little bit. After getting over my allergic reaction I got an absolutely awful cough, and incontinence came along with it. Peeing your pants in public isn't fun. Then the exhaustion hit me. I could tell this part was hard on Sam. It was frustrating coming home to a messy house and no dinner after a hard day. But good news is I didn't get morning sickness (although my cough did cause me to throw up a few times). That and it was summer time so I didn't have to go to school.


Second trimester always saves the day. After getting energy back, I was able to be a good wife and mommy, and the cough disappeared. We found out we were having a boy around 14 weeks, and though people told us it wasn't for sure, baby boy wasn't shy the second ultrasound to confirm it. I have an anterior placenta, which would make things slightly more complicated if I were ever to have a C-Section, and it makes it harder to get a clear picture when I do go in for ultrasounds. I felt I was showing a lot faster than I was with Joey. By the time I came back to school, everyone I knew were asking when I was due, and I was 22 weeks!


Third trimester came with a few worries. I never took the glucose test with Joey and turned out fine. I decided to take it last minute before the next doctor's appointment to make them happy. But of course it came back slightly elevated. I doubted I had gestational diabetes and put off taking the 3-hour glucose test. I had an appointment with a midwife I haven't seen before and she was practically telling me I had gestational diabetes with my slightly elevated test and made me feel horrible for deciding not to take the 2nd test (although I'm sure it wasn't her intention. I'm just sensitive). I still wasn't going to take it, that is until I had my last ultrasound. Two more risk factors popped up (extra amniotic fluid and baby being in 85th percentile in weight). That is what helped me decide to sit at Tricore for over 3 hours. Another midwife at the ultrasound clinic and I planned like I already had it, making BPP ultrasounds weekly and whatnot. However, both that midwife and my doctor called me to let me know my last test was normal and there was nothing to worry about. HUGE relief. I thought it was unlikely for me to have it anyway, so this whole thing was surprising and taxing.


Another worry was that around 34 weeks I kept feeling his hiccups near my ribs, which made me believe that he was still in breech position. Being this far along in the game it would be very hard for him to turn. However, he turned by my last ultrasound because baby is head down. Yay! I don't want a C-Section if I could help it. Now, I am just super uncomfortable, the baby gets hiccups at least three times a day, and I have Braxton Hicks contractions constantly. Can't wait for this baby to arrive next month! He doesn't have a name yet, but he will by the time we leave the hospital.

My 6th month photo doesn't exist, and I am now 8 months. Woo-hoo! I am excited to be pregnant, but I am writing this post at 35 weeks, so sorry if I touched a lot on the negative parts!


Celestine said...

Most gorgeous pregnant girl ever! We're excited about the baby's birth next month! Sure hope he comes before we leave for Salt Lake. Love you Kiley!!

Kevin Kartchner said...

Can't wait for the new arrival! I'm proud of you for finishing your degree under such trying circumstances!