Sunday, November 1, 2015

Summer 2015

Hi everyone!

It's blogging time again. First of all, here is how our summer went. For memorial day, we went on a hike up Embudo Canyon, which is at the top of Indian School and the foot hills. It was a nice little hike, and Joey loved being outdoors. It's awesome to see how much he has grown! I think we're putting more about him in another post (so Kiley tells me). :)

Here are some photos from our hike:

Kiley was a trooper on the hike. The last picture was her climbing to the top of a cliff because I thought it would be a fun adventure and good picture. Not to mention she was pregnant and in her first trimester. But it's a good picture, right?

Then, Kiley went to Mexico with her family. She had a blast (like always), and I was stuck in school. Yup, story of my life. Here is what Joey decided to pack for the trip (or at least what he shoved in the suitcase when we weren't watching too closely):

We also had a busy summer because we had to move. Twice. Here's the story: our landlady decided to sell her house, and didn't think it would sell too quickly because it was priced pretty high. It was put up for sale in May, and we were hoping it would be on the market for at least a year. Sadly, someone decided to buy it, but our landlady was convinced he wanted to keep us as renters and it would be more of an investment for him.

Almost immediately after the house was sold (in August), Kiley received an email from the new landlord that he was planning on moving in our side of the duplex, giving us a total of around two weeks to move. Luckily, it was during my break (between my surgery rotation and internal medicine), so we held a yard sale to sell some of our bigger pieces of furniture and headed out shortly thereafter. Here is the last photo of us as a family in the duplex. We'll miss that place! And this wall that we spent so much time painting! :(

We moved in with Kiley's parents for a month and a half until our new place opened up, and then on October 1st we moved into Student Family Housing. We like it here, but it's not like our nice little duplex. And the internet is really crummy. Oh well! Maybe I'll spend more time with family and less time surfing the web now. :)

And of course, we can't finish a post without having a cute picture of Joey with his face covered in frosting. Yum!

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Celestine said...

Loved your blog post Sam! And ending with a beautiful picture of Joey sealed the deal. What a sweet little boy you have. If you and Kiley need another getaway, I'll take Joey off your hands! Hang in there with school. You and Kiley are quite a pair. Love you!!