Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fall 2015

We're slowly catching up here on this blog. This post will have the NM State Fair, the Balloon Fiesta, and Halloween.

I didn't have much time to spend at the fair, but Sam's mom took us out (turned out it was a free day, so I got free funnel cake and a watermelon drink). We enjoyed seeing some farm animals and going on a little McDonald's adventure. Joey loved those little tractors and had to be pried away. If you didn't watch him close enough he would disappear and end up by the tractors again. We had to leave before the petting zoo, which was too bad, but there's next year!

I wasn't planning on going to the Balloon Fiesta, but all my sisters decided to go and I can't miss a sisters outing when it's planned out for me! I got to ride with my oldest sister and save some money on parking. When we got there I was thinking it wasn't that cold and the sun wasn't even up. Funny how when the sun first comes up it gets a lot colder. Joey really enjoyed the balloons and eating graham crackers with his cousins. Noelle gave us a scare and went missing for a good ten minutes or longer. She's good at disappearing. Here are a few pictures:

Cuddling with my happy Joey!

Hey, this ended up being Joey and Sam on Halloween!

Two separate balloons so expertly put together.

The famous Creamland Cow.

Cousins! Missing Kristy's oldest and youngest.
 This Halloween I knew I wanted to get on the Star Wars bandwagon. Sam's and Joey's costumes were set to go, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to go as. Queen Amadala would take more effort and money than I was willing to spend, but I came across the brilliant idea of putting the Death Star on my 7 month belly. Worked out great! We went to a Ward Party, a Hobbs family party, and trick-or-treated around our entire complex. Joey got plenty of candy! We also carved a pumpkin, but we definitely did it a few days too early. McQueen was not recognizable by day 3.

I free-handed McQueen. Not bad, eh?

Trying to get Joey to pose with him.

My costume.

Yoda. Y-O-D-A yohoda. I didn't realize how popular
Yoda was going to be this Halloween! But one house said "oh cute, Shrek!"
"No, I am your father."

Joey loved the light sabers!

That's all.


Chelsea said...

You guys always have great Halloween costumes!

Celestine said...

Such a fun posting! You guys know how to live it up while going to school and expecting another baby! Looking forward to having you here on Thanksgiving! This will be a fun, busy week!!