Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Long Time Coming

Yep. We're waaaaay behind on blog posts. I'll try to do more posts to catch up so this one isn't so long, but I'll do a quick run through.

Summer was interesting. Sam went to school the entire time, starting with is Obstetrics/Gynecology rotation (which he loooved), and ended the summer with Surgery. He is currently in Internal Medicine.

I went to Mexico with my family in June. It was fun, but stressful.

I also had jury duty, but was never actually on a jury. But hey, I got paid the times I went in!

Our landlady in April called to tell us she was selling our place (noooooo!). It went way faster than I thought. She was asking a crazy (to me) price and did not have great pictures online. But one viewing was all it took. It sold and was finalized in August. The new landlord needed us to leave by September 1st. We are currently living with my parents until our new place opens on October 1st.

I started my last semester in August with only 9 credit hours to go, then I am done with my Bachelor's!

Sam went to D.C. for a conference at the NIH. Despite having a cold he had a good time.

Lastly, as mostly everyone knows: I'M EXPECTING BABY #2 DECEMBER 19TH! (which deserves its own post). Life seems so busy that it's flying by.

Just so this post isn't so naked, here is a video taken this summer:

(I finally figured out how to get it on since blogger hates me)


Kiley said...
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Kevin Kartchner said...

(Sorry--the computer was still logged into your Google account.) It's hard to keep up a blog, isn't it? At some point one feels "written out," or bored, or (in my case) depressed about the general state of things. It's been fun having you guys at our house--I'm going to miss you, especially since you'll be living twice as far away from us as before.

Rachelle said...

Congratulations!!! I didn't know you were expecting - such happy news! Hope you're feeling well. . .

Celestine said...

Loved the lengthy, cute video of Joey! I'm glad you're all moved into your UNM housing now and feeling less stressed--except for school of course! But that too will end before Christmas break, and you'll have time to enjoy the birth of your new baby and RELAX for a change.

I love you guys so much. We need to get together a lot more before you get tied down with 2 little boys! Canasta anyone?