Tuesday, May 19, 2015

April and May Update

I think it's time for an update. Sadly I don't remember much of what happened since April, but I'll try. Also, sorry if there are a lack of pictures: I've been fighting something for a solid month now and motivation to do anything, including taking pictures, has plummeted.

Sam started school up end of March full time so it was a little tricky finding a schedule for all of us while we were both in school all day. Can I just say how amazing and convenient it is to have best friend neighbors you would totally trust with your kid all day? We are beyond grateful to have the Boyacks in our lives. It wasn't easy but somehow we made it through.

Jared and Jenny came for their Spring Break beginning of April. It was super fun to have them over for Easter and see their cute kids. We had an egg hunt, a BBQ, long-due family pictures, and the zoo. Sam and I had school so we couldn't come over as much as we would have liked! It was fun seeing you guys!

April also marked Joey's 2nd birthday. It seriously has flown by. I can't wait to be done with school completely to enjoy the small moments more. I've been loving this summer business and am soaking my Joey time up. We planned a birthday party for him the Saturday after his birthday but lucky us we all got a serious virus that week and felt it wasn't worth the stress. There were a lot of school things to do as well. Below is his invite so you can adore what would have been.

We also participated in our stake's youth conference by playing our instruments in their production of "From Cumorah's Hill". This would be Sam's third time participating in this production and my second. They do it every four years. This years sounded pretty awesome. Good job Albuquerque Stake Youth!

Can I talk about this sickness? The week that all of us got it Sam and Joey were puking, had goopy eyes, and a lot of flu-like symptoms. I managed to not get the stomach bug and my eyes weren't as goopy as theirs, but I really feel I got hit the hardest for other reasons. Sam and Joey were about back to normal but I was still feverish and sicky two weeks after it hit. I went to the doctor and found out I got a double ear infection (no fun) and was prescribed amoxicillin (anti-biotic). Sam told me I wouldn't feel better for a couple of days, and that was depressing. But a couple days later I was feeling worse than better. I wanted relief so bad I was willing to wait in the emergency room for five hours at midnight to get the fastest treatment. The doctor gave me a steroid and a new regimen to treat my infection.

Well, a couple hours of getting home I noticed a rash on my abdomen. It wasn't bad but a little itchy so I didn't worry too much about it. By nighttime it spread to my face, arms, and legs and got really itchy. By the morning they were full-on hives. I went to the urgent care this time. I was thinking it was the steroid I was allergic to because it came on shortly after receiving it. But the doctor really felt it was the amoxicillin and had me stop taking it. He also just prescribed me some antihistamines and had me go along my way. I was unrecognizable at this point with my severely swollen face and didn't want to go anywhere. I got to my Mother-in-law's (where Joey was being watched) and felt awful. Chills, fever, nausea and vomiting, and my sweet MIL let me sleep in her bed, took care of Joey all day, got me my drugs, and went grocery shopping for me (I complained I desperately needed to go that day). My skin started turning purple with all my veins bursting from being so dilated, and I was so light-headed sitting and standing up. Sam looked it up and we're pretty sure I had an anaphylactic reaction to the amoxicillin. I feel that steroid I got a few hours before the reaction prevented any airway problems. Regardless, the reaction put me out for another couple of days (luckily I was out of school by then).

I still have achy ears and a nasty cough but I decided to let my body do the recovering and stop going to doctors. I want to thank everyone who thought of me these past few weeks! It has meant so much that there are people who truly care for me!

Mother's Day was super nice. Sam made me crepes for brunch and a nice little present. He also made me an incredible mother's day slideshow that I may or may not have bawled through (I love being a mama to Joey!). My family visited me in the evening. At church the ward put on a "third hour social" for all the women, but I was still trying to recover from that crazy reaction so I went home early.

I guess enough about me! Sam is now officially in his third year of medical school. He is in the middle of his OB/GYN rotation and has already done ultrasounds, delivered a couple babies, sutured a C-Section, had to break bad news to a mama about her baby, and many other things. He LOVES it. Sam said he could see himself as an OB/GYN if not for the crazy hours. He worked three night shifts last week and is working days this week. He'll be sad when it's over. He also is receiving wonderful remarks from the people over him. He's born to be a doctor, folks.

Jessica had her baby! It was a whirlwind for her and her little family but little Dunlap made it. We were having dinner at the in-laws when Jessica called her mom. She just received the news that she would have to be induced in 2 hours. That would totally freak me out and understandably Jessica was overwhelmed. Sam and I were very excited though, haha. Luckily the induction worked and their little girl arrived on the 15th of May. As far as I know she still doesn't have a name. That day Sam and I noticed the nametag on our cashier said Bobette. It's not too late Jessica to have a little Bobette!

If you are reading this sentence congratulations! You made it through. Happy rest of May everybody!


Jessica Dunlap said...

We finally named her! It's going to be Bobette Spam-u-smell Dunlap! ;) I'm so glad, Kiley, you are feeling better. What a horrible month for you! Good job getting through!

Crystal said...

I'm going to miss playing with Joey all day. It was pretty fun being a mom of two. I'm so glad you're our neighbors, it's the best!

Kevin Kartchner said...

Sorry you had to be so sick, but I'm glad you finally got over the worst part and found what was causing the reaction. Stay well!