Friday, September 26, 2014

Joey at 17 Months

Joey turned 17 months a week ago and I felt it was time for an update both on him and the blog.

He is generally a happy boy, but he doesn't like you leaving his sight.

He is in love with toy cars and balls.  Any car is his car, and he'll let you know.

He enjoys climbing on top of things, including his mom and dad.

He used to be a great little eater, but he's starting to have more interest in playing than eating.

He won't go to bed until you are exhausted and need to go to bed yourself.

He will sit and watch a movie, and although it's suggested no screen time until age 2, it's worth my sanity.

He doesn't use a lot of words yet, but he does know mama, dada, bah (ball), go! (outside), vrrm (car), nana (no) and "uh oh!"

He loves going to the park or being outside in general.  He gets really mad when you leave without him.

He loves books, but we still have to use board books.  He's not afraid of ripping a page or two!

He found out he loves to draw, mainly with pens and pencils.  My homework, the sheets...

He is still clogged.  Poor little guy it takes him a couple days to get something out of him.

He has the cutest little gap-toothed smile courtesy of Sam.

He is 17 months and is still not walking.  We're making baby steps on the matter (pun intended), but he's having some balancing issues and he's not very confident.  He can stand on his own if you distract him and will take a couple steps if he thinks you're about to grab him.  He can cruise just fine and recently let us hold his hand and urge him to walk.  I don't know if he's really stubborn or if something's going on, but he is still in physical therapy (been since June).  I feel like a bad mother because every time there is a new baby that is starting to walk that is considerably younger than him I get frustrated, and I shouldn't.  I just need patience.  Being a first-time mom can be hard.

Now here are some pictures of Joey hamming it up for the camera:


Rachelle said...

He's so cute! My Anna was one week shy of 18 months when she started walking. As we dropped her off at nursery for the first time, she was much steadier on her knees than on her feet. It was really hard on me at the time to have her be so "slow" to catch onto walking, but she was and is perfectly healthy and normal. Just stubborn ;)

Kiley said...

Thanks for sharing that!

Kevin Kartchner said...

Such an adorable kid!

Celestine said...

That's my beautiful, sweet Joey boy! He can take his sweet time learning to walk because once he outgrows his babyhood, there's no turning back ;-(.

You are a very good mother, Kiley (Joey knows it and so do I)! Enjoy these precious moments with your little guy. I love him like crazy!