Thursday, July 17, 2014

Updates on Our Little Fam

Hey everyone, 

I guess you deserve a little update on our little family.  We are doing great.  All three of us are up to big and awesome things.  As a family we got to see a lot of family come into town, including Sam's aunt (his mom's twin sister) and her family, my brother and his wife (who just came back from Taiwan teaching English for 6 months), and soon my niece will pay a visit to ABQ, which is a big deal.  Earlier this week our best neighbor friends had their pretty little girl, Rachel, and I made quite a few excuses to go and see her (pictures below).  Now I'll go ahead and give the break down for each of us.

Sam had a fun summer full of travels, as you could tell on this blog.  He started is Practical Immersion Experience (PIE) last week, but it's not as busy as we were expecting.  A good thing right?  We celebrated his 25th birthday a couple days ago.  It wasn't a traditional birthday since we kept buying all his presents before his birthday (hard to wait for both of us).  Happy Birthday, Sammy!  Part of his birthday present is registering for the Duke City marathon this coming October.  Sam is doing great training for it.  Sadly his knees aren't liking his long runs so far.  His longest run was about 15 miles already.  Keep it up!  

I decided to go back to school, and this time I'm not backing out.  I registered for two semesters that I dropped prior to, but this time is different.  Payed the fees, bought my books, got my schedule worked out with Sam's, and hopefully going to school 3 days a week and in the evening will minimize the time Joey has to be watched by others. I'll have 3 semesters to go for a Bachelors in Liberal Arts and a minor in Music.  I decided this will be the easiest and shortest way to get a degree rather than waiting until I have all my kiddos and they're in school. Here's to the future! 

Now for the Jo man.  He is at a really fun and easier stage.  He loves staying up late, brushing his teeth, reading books, and playing with anything that rolls (from toy cars to walkers at church).  He is learning so much, but we are paying a weekly visit to the physical therapist.  I've seen a lot of improvement in him since going, but it might be another month or two before he walks (he's 15 months now).  Since the last visit to the doctor's, we found out he fell off the charts for weight and growth.  Such a tiny guy.  He also has been having serious constipation issues, so after giving him some medicine for weeks, we are finally seeing improvement.  Pooping's not such an ordeal now, haha.  But despite these little set backs, he is doing wonderful and is such a playful little guy.  You should see him in the bath or at the park.  He lives to play.

Now for some pictures:

Meeting Rachel.  Already affectionate to her.  

Congrats Cameron and Crystal!

Sam's 25th birthday celebration.

Pictures from today: Reading time!

 He used to have no interest in books, but now if he sees one, he wants me to read it.

 Joey knows what "puppy" means.  He has a stuffed puppy 
that whenever we ask "Where's puppy?', he finds it and hugs it. 
 So when we found this finger puppet puppy book, he was 
beyond delighted.  He was giggling as soon as we showed it to him.

Hopefully that is more or less the highlights of our lives right now!


Mike said...

Adorable! We miss you guys and look forward to seeing you when we return to ALB. Joey's growing up too fast!

Baby Rachel Boyack is so tiny and pretty. I'm so glad you've worked out your schedules to help each other through your schooling :-). Love you all, Momma H.

Rachelle said...

So cute!