Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

To my best friend and husband:

Happy Anniversary!  Sometimes I think 3 years is a long time, and other times I think we've been married way longer :)  You really go out of your way to make me happy as well as our son.  You are a hard worker and an optimistic and happy person.  You bring out the best in me and I love that about you.  So, here's to 3 amazing years and I know this year and the years to come will be just as wonderful because I have you!  I love you so much!

Love, Your Wifey

P.S. Me gustan tus pedos.  ;)


June 2011


 June 2012


June 2013

June 2014


Sam said...

Kiley, you're so amazing! Thank you for the beautiful post. These have been the best 3 years by far.

Oh, and you mean "dedos," not "pedos," right? :)

Celestine said...

What a sweet and loving message from you to Sam. Happy 3 year anniversary! Time goes by so quickly, doesn't it? I still remember the first year that Mike and I were married. It's hard to believe it's been over 33 years.

We love our children, and that includes their wonderful spouses. We love you Kiley and Sam! Thanks for blessing us with Joey too!

Kevin Kartchner said...

"Ay, que me tiro un pedo / Ay, que me tiro dos / Ay, que me duele el alma / El alma y el corazon"