Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nautical Birthday Party

Ahoy!  I decided to throw a special bash for our little birthday boy.  It was more for me as his mommy to celebrate not only his turning one, but for keeping a human being alive for a year.  Impressive, right?  So I decided to do a nautical theme and invite our dear families.  Here's the invite:


Our parents and sisters with their families were able to make it.  Here is the spread:

We had Captain's Wafers, Goldfish, nautical cupcakes, watermelon, lifesavers, water bottles, and "chocolate treasure".

 The decor:


 Some of the guests:

The weather turned out lovely so we pulled out some kiddy pools:

However, the water was cold, so our guests could only handle so much:


Only way Joey would sit in there is if Sam held him. 

 Beau wanted to be part of the fun:

What we all enjoy most on any first birthday:

Not sure about the singing:

Being dainty:

Daddy showing him how it's done:


Making sure the frosting is in every nook and cranny:

Happy Birthday, Joey!


Kristy said...

Very cute post!

Celestine said...

What a little doll! We certainly enjoyed Joey's party and visiting with everyone ;-). You did a GREAT job on the nautical theme and all the party prep!

Rachelle said...

What a cute party theme! Those cupcakes were really impressive - did you make them? If so, well done!! (And if not, you picked well!)

The birthday boy is a cutie patootie. Happy birthday, Joey!

Kiley said...

Kristy did! She's so amazing!

Chelsea said...

Those invitations turned out cute!