Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Cabin in the Bleak Mid Winter

We were invited by my parents to their timeshare cabin we as a family have been going to for decades.  It's always nice to have a weekend getaway, even if it's in a tiny cabin in CO.  We enjoyed the food, company, activities, and the likes.

Us in the main room.  This is where the majority of our time is spent.
He is our cookie cookie cookie monster.  
Nothing makes his face light up like a cookie.

 We brought our wii up and Mario Party was quite popular
 with everyone 24 and under.

I had to post this picture just for that face.  CUTE.

 Now for pictures from our camera. 

 The beloved swing.  Which Maddi fell off of and wasn't as fond 
of it thereafter.

 We gathered all the children and tried to find the perfect sledding hill.  
We were told there were good hills if we crossed the frozen river, 
jump over a barbed fence, and wade our way through pills of horse poop.

This was the best hill we could find with snow on it.  
I guess it served its purpose.

 Alas, some girls had enough of the snow and cold so we had to break from 
the group and somehow find our way back.  Surprisingly we did!

We went into town a couple times and we found this frozen pond
 in back of the Malt Shoppe.  We carefully walked until we 
were sure it could hold our weights.  Then we went for it.

This time was memorable for sure.  We got to bring Joey along for the first time and got to play in snow, which we don't come up during this time of year often.  Thanks Mom and Dad for all the memories!!

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