Thursday, February 6, 2014

Joseph at 9 Months

 Our sweet baby boy turned 9 months last month!  He's rushing out of baby hood and although it's fun to see the little kid learn new things, I can't slow him down!  He's still not very far in the mobile department, which is fine by me.  Here are the pics I didn't already post of him since we left off from this post.

 7 MONTHS: still no teeth, but really knows who mama is.

 Did I mention he's our little cookie monster?  This bag of cookies 
was on the floor next to him and closed, and next time we looked down 
he was at it.  No wonder he wasn't whining!

 Happiest in the mornings (for the most part).  Would wake up 2-3 times at night.
 When he was sleeping in the same room as us it wasn't bad...
then he moved to his crib in his room and I realized how sucky it was.

 LOVES getting in the bath.  HATES getting out.  

 8 MONTHS: Teething.  Need I say more?  
Still not crawling, but we're not in a rush at 8 months.

 9 MONTHS: I posted all the photos between 8-9 months in the last few posts.  
He has 2 teeth, learning so much (clapping, waving, high-fiving) 
and apparently his hair grew a lot.  Look at those locks!

 Joey lights up when Sam gets home.  
Sam, despite being in the middle of medical school, 
gets down on the floor with him and
 shows him how to be a little boy.

Sweet sweet Joseph.  He started sleeping through the night (for the most part), and that has been a big blessing.  We just decided not to pick him up until after 3am, and he got the idea quick.  Now it's 6:30-7 that he wakes up.  Not to mention he's been going to bed at 7:30-8pm (when it was more like 10:30-11pm before).  Like I said, huge blessing.

As a first time mom, it's hard not to compare the kid to others.  Why is he not crawling, or saying words yet?  And yet, maybe he's showing us that, yes, I'm growing up, but I'm still your baby.  I love that kid. 


Rachelle said...

Gosh, he's cute!

Celestine said...

Adorable as ever! That was a fun blog posting ;-). Joey is growing fast and learning so much. Love you all!!