Saturday, August 17, 2013

4 Months Ago

It's been a while.  I CANNOT believe Joe Bear will be 4 months on Monday.  Wasn't he born last week?  We are head-over-heels for him, although he can be a temperamental little guy.  He goes through phases and some I'm sad he doesn't do anymore, and others I don't mind to see them go.

I have here photos of the first three months, with narration:

Taking him home: SWEETEST BABY.  I felt bad for other 
moms with babies who cried.  A week later I was in their boat.

I loved his little newborn grunts, squeaks, and faces.  
Trying to gain control of your body is hard!

His cord fell off a week after he was born.  We were excited to give 
him his first real bath.  As you can see he sure wasn't.  Poor thing!

 However, he warmed up to them: here's the next bath time.  One stoic dude.

We needed to do a newborn photo shoot before, well, he wasn't
 a newborn anymore.  Jenny did one the day after he was born,
 but it was so fun, I had to do one myself!
"Oh, oh, oh, oh."

Tummy time is hard business.

This pic is the winner!

What an angel!


B+W (excuse the poor photoshop job of making Sam's legs into a blanket).
 May 4th: Ryker was born.  They were so little!

ONE MONTH: No way.  Still so little, though!

 This is one of the phases I miss.  He gave "his first look
all the time and it was presh.  Future model?

 We decided to bless the little man at Sam's parents' home.   
Beautiful blessing, I know he will be a great man some day.

 Spending the night at my parents' house when Sam was gone for a month.

Cousins.  Need a pic of Beau and Joseph, too!

This little guy went international.  We spent a good few days in Mexico.  

 Beach babe.

 TWO MONTHS: Daddy has been gone half my life by now (and boy have I changed!)

It's great having Sam back!  
Sweet seeing him with Joey.

 I play with toys now!

 3 MONTHS: Out of his screaming for no reason phase (mostly).

Like a good friend said about her little girl, I want to freeze him where he is, yet when he is in a new phase, I change my mind and want to freeze him then!  I'll have to take his 4 month pictures soon.  Packing the newborn and 0-3 month clothing was sad, but hopefully Joey will have a brother one day who will use them, right?


Jennifer said...

Joseph is so cute. Thank you for sharing such darling pictures of him. We really enjoy reading about you guys. Tons of Love.

Celestine said...

Hi Kiley, what a fun narrative of Joey's first few months! He really is a "Gerber baby," and he's getting more responsive and fun. I love his gummy smile and his twinkly blue eyes!

You and Sam are awesome parents. Keep enjoying each and every day with your precious son. Love you guys!! Momma H.