Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What to do, what to do...


I planned to go to school this semester from the get go when I found out I was preggo.  What would I do with my time otherwise?  And Sam and I totally could figure out a trading schedule.  I did find classes that would not coincide with Sam's for the semester, yet there were a few things holding me back.

Last semester I found that my major was not for me.  I think I always knew that, however I just wanted a degree and Family Studies was the fastest track to graduate. Last semester, though, I was in a class where others shared their passion for what they are studying and I could not say the same.  I knew it was important, but I wasn't that passionate about it to say the least.

Also, we looked at Sam's tentative medical school schedule and realized there could be no trading done whatsoever past his undergrad.  That would mean I would either have to put the babe in daycare/family care or well, not go to school after this semester.

Lastly, being due in the middle of the semester is something to think about.  I can stress stress stress out about school as it is but add a baby into the equation and honestly...can I do that?  Should I do that (to me and the baby and even Sam)?

So last minute, after signing up and everything, I dropped out of college for the time being.  Makes me really sad thinking about it, but there are more important things to think about with a baby on his way.

Without school or a job or a child yet, there is so much time on my hands it's not even funny.  There are things I am able to do that I haven't focused too much on before, like magnify my calling, cook, clean, craft, do my family history, go to the temple... (I've done these things since being married, but now I don't have to make time for it...that is my time!)  I also buckled down and got a pinterest account.  I think it's pretty cool and all, but the time flies way too fast when you are on pinterest (like facebook).  And I feel any tries at my pins will turn out like this:

Gosh, isn't this the truth....lol
Hopefully I use my time wisely with nothing to do, right?

If you're pinterested (ha.) my account is pinterest.com/kileyhobbs/


Jessica Dunlap said...

Oh my gosh - I laughed so hard at all of the pics in this post. It is sadly so true!

Now that you aren't in school, we should totally have a sister's date! Let's plan something!

I love you! Getting used to not having to go to work/school is a big adjustment, but I'm sure you'll fill up your time with worthwhile things. And soon enough, that little boy will be in your arms and you'll be busier than ever!

If you do decide to go back someday, I could totally see you doing something in the fine arts - like graphic design, advertising design, or something like that. You've got a great eye for design!

Bethany Roper said...

Oh Kiley. I love you. I definitely think you made the right choice. Sam is hard worker and an intelligent man and you both will be just fine. It was good to take a break from studying at BYU and read your blog! :) Give your cute tummy a pat for me. :) Your little boy will be beautiful.