Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cait & Darren

On December 18th, Kiley's brother Darren got married to his fiancé Cait! We were super happy for them. They make a PERFECT couple! Kiley and I had the chance to room with Cait during a family trip to Mexico this past summer, and we are very happy to have her as part of our family. She is outgoing and witty and loves to play games. :)

Kiley and I were asked to be the photographers for their wedding, so here are some of the photos from their reception:

Cait's Hair:

                                  Don't I look cool?                                      Aaron and Tia, what a great couple! :)

 Look at the beautiful boquet, Cait-style!

Kiley made the sign in sheets. They were beautiful! Cait's wedding ring also went through quite a bit. It was even lost for a few weeks and showed up randomly in Cait's underwear drawer! :)

 There was a great brunch with these awesome Greek yogurt parfaits and Land Lakes hot chocolate:

Noelle was adorable, as usual. In fact, I think we got more photos of her than of the happy couple (whoops!).

The fancy wedding cake was made by Kiley's sister Kristy, who also made our wedding cake:

Cait and Darren had their reception the Saturday before the wedding. It was nice to get all of the hectic things done with early (something to remember for future weddings!). After the reception, we headed over to the temple to get their photos taken. Here are some of our favorites:

After the wedding ceremony, we took family photos outside of the temple. The day went great, and we are happy that everything went so well. Congratulations Darren and Cait! :)

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Celestine said...

Hey Sam, great job on Darren's wedding photos! So glad we were able to attend the reception--it was so YUMMY :-). I love you!!