Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halloween 2012

We are a bit late on the Halloween update, but this year, we decided to be pirates.  Arrr!

At the ward Halloween party:


 Can you guess what they are?  Not ghostbusters, but adventurers on Mt. Everest!

Crazy Cat Lady preparing the desert table

We had quite a few superheroes running around!

 Cute cute family with their cave baby. :)
Starting off the costume parade.

Except for the eyepatch, earing, and sword, it was completely from our closets.  It's fun to get creative.


Jennifer said...

You guys are the cutest pirates. By the way, those pictures look so nice and clear.

Jessica Dunlap said...

Cute cute pirates! I loved the cat lady, too. Is that Marae? Ha ha!

Kiley said...

Thanks! Yeah, Marae is so creative, haha.