Monday, November 19, 2012

Cabin in November

After the week of Halloween, my parents invited us to spend the weekend at the Cabin.  I needed a  break from school and I convinced Sam to come along despite having tests that Monday!

So we drove up Friday, spent Saturday there, and drove home Sunday.

Saturday, we:
Played on the swing (sadly it broke before we left)

 Played Baseball


Went into town and bought a motorbike on a whim (a hit with the kids and grownups)

Took candid shots:

 We also finished a puzzle, went to Pagosa Springs twice, and watched movies.  I didn't know you could fit in that much in a day!

Sunday we:
Went to the frozen pond to throw rocks

Got caught in a rope!

And my goodness were we blessed!  Despite doing minimal studying, we both got the highest test grades we ever received in our classes the following day!  See what a much needed vacation can do!

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