Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Friend is AMAZING!!

At my high school there weren't a lot of members of the church (compared to Sam's high school!).  I did have one really good friend, Brittany, who was always an example to me.  Seriously, this girl went through A LOT.  Yet she always has a smile on her face and so faithful.  If it happened to me, I'm not sure I would have so much faith and optimism.  She wasn't able to attend school for a while part of junior and senior year, yet was able to graduate salutatorian despite it all.  That's amazing.

I was surprised at institute when one of our assignments was to watch this Mormon Message about her (since I'm no longer on facebook, I don't hear about these things!).  Such an example, and when they pair Elder Hale's talk, the message is so powerful!  Enjoy! (Click on the link)

P.S. My niece got one of those sock monkeys when she was in the hospital.  Both girls are so incredible!


Jessica Dunlap said...

Oh my gosh - I am sitting here crying like a mad woman! Thanks for sharing her lovely story.

Sam said...

Thank you for posting, Kiley! Brittany is such an inspiration to us all. I'm so glad they turned her story into a Mormon Message! :)