Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Okay, here's the last picture I'm going to post of our cute pumpkin! Isn't the little owl adorable??? I thought this photo was neat because it is the first time that I've used the RAW image capacity on our camera. RAW images are kind of like the negatives of digital photography. They take ALL of the information sensed by the lens of the camera and save it in an un-embedded format. These files can then be used in Photoshop or another program to edit them exactly how you want them to look (like all of the details seen in the one below) with tons of details and everything, and then they can be converted into a .jpg or other usable format. Isn't it awesome? These images really remind me of HDRI photography. :)

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Celestine said...

Nice work on all the Halloween photos! Looks like you're educating yourselves on photography :-). You guys are so darn cute! I love you!!