Monday, October 10, 2011

White Sands Trip

Last weekend my parents treated us by taking the family to Alamagordo and Ruidoso, NM for a mini family vacation. It was the public school's fall break (ours, however, is this week) and jumped on the opportunity.

We (car)camped the first night in a little camping site near White Sands (see below). Sam and I used the little 2-man tent we used for our backpacking trip we took before school started and it worked out nicely.

We could even fit an air mattress in it. The little kids jumped to that (literally). Here's little Mason:

Mason and Tyler:

Mason, Tyler, and Kayla:

And Hailee:

The next day we traveled to White Sands to play on the sand dunes. Highlight of the mini-trip!!

Here's Sam up to bat. The board is nice and waxed and ready to go.

Sam and Zach were the daredevils of the bunch. My sister at one point asked if I should talk sense to Sam. I just said he was just like his dad.

I'm up next. It took me a while to get the courage.

When you wax up those boards you go FAST.

Getting kids up the hill is hard.

Amazingly, everyone went down the dune at one point by themselves. Including this little guy (although he wasn't too happy about it).

It was was worth the bruises and sunburns.

My family hit two different Walmarts during the weekend trip. What do we do in the meantime? Raid the Halloween section of course. I love my old geezer.

We spent the last night at a hotel in Ruidoso, a touristy little town in New Mexico. So pretty! My family decided to go on a little hike before we left. Here's Sam with Maddie (I love this picture!)

Actually, it was a little hike around the hotel. Here's Sammy and Mason (I love this picture too!)

I love my family. The little kids were so entertaining. Hopefully we'll get to blog about our "real" camping/backpacking trip soon...and show pictures of our awesome duplex. Hang tight.


Jennifer said...

thanks for posting, it is nice to see what you guys have been up to. By the way, thanks for the giftcard too, you guys didn't have to.

Mike said...

Wow, the sand looks great! Looks like white powdered sugar!