Saturday, October 29, 2011


For Halloween, Kiley and I decided to be flying monkeys!

Kiley has had this idea since I took her to see the musical Wicked in February of this year. Our costumes were awesome!

We bought sweaters at a thrift store and cut them to be our vests. Kiley cut our wings out of cardboard, and our hats are made from paper cups. We bought the cute tails at Walmart for $3 each, and they are super cute! We had a Halloween get together at our duplex with Jessica and Sebastian and a few friends, and we also went to our Ward Halloween party tonight. It's been great!


Jessica Dunlap said...

Thanks for hosting. You guys look really good. Creative costumes.

Celestine said...

What a cool Halloween costume idea! I'm glad you two could host your dinner group this month :-). Love you!

Mike said...

Kiley is definitely the cuter monkey. Sam is definitely the male munk protecting the lair! Cool outfits!