Monday, September 6, 2010


August 9, 2010 ( Check mate!)

Wow, it has been a great week! I am so happy for Jessica and Sebastian and their little newborn! That is so awesome; I can't wait to meet him!

Sorry I'm not sending any pictures, but thank you so much for the pictures that you all sent! I love to see what's going on at home! Today, my companion and I spent some time in the plaza here in Diego de Almagro, which is really pretty and green. Since it is a little town, it's well kept and clean. And, they have little chess tables set up, but nobody ever plays! So, Elder Duerden and I bought a little chess set just to have the pieces, and we sat down to a nice game of chess in the warm, spring-like sun. I check-mated Elder Duerden after one and half hours of playing! I know, I'm kind of slow, and I'm not very good at chess, but it sure was exciting! :) After using Internet, we'll be off to buy food for this coming week (the last week of the transfer), and then we're going to Hermana Yamilett Mánquez's house (an awesome member here) to make American pancakes and maple syrup with the family. It should be fun!

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