Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy day after Mother's Day

May 10, 2010 (working like crazy)

let you all know how thankful he is also for helping him with the call yesterday and for your examples and strength in the gospel. Thank you also for your emails, your counsels, and your love. I can really feel it sustaining me every day as I work here in Diego de Almagro.

So, I was planning on sending some awesome pictures today as a nice Mother's day gift, but I forgot my camera! Too bad... I guess I'll just have to tell you how everything has been going. Yesterday, for Mother's day, we were in the house of one awesome member of our branch, Hermana Inés. We had to ask permission from her non-member uncle who owns the house, and luckily he likes us so he said yes. As we were waiting for the call, he serenaded us with a 75 year-old guitar, singing Chilean love ballads. I thought it was so awesome that I've decided when I come home, I'm gonna have to learn some too. After he was done, I played them the mission song that I wrote, and they liked it so much that they had me play it again while they were recording it. That was kind of fun!

After the phone call, Hermana Inés invited us to eat "once" with her (which is kind of like a snack dinner that they have here in Chile). I felt so privileged to eat in their home, and then we began to talk about gospel doctrines. Hermana Inés' uncle has had a difficult life, and he never accepted the gospel when he was younger, but as we talked I could see a change in his countanence. There was a gleam of hope in his eyes, and though I'm not sure if he'll want to learn more about what we share, I know that we at least planted that little seed in his heart, and he knows that it's true. I really do love being a missionary, helping other people and serving in every moment. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives and is the ONLY thing that can bring happiness, peace, joy, and salvation to the human family. We really do have a pearl of great price, a invaluable treasure that we need to share with everyone!

This week, we also have been traveling a lot. As district leader, I had a baptismal interview in Chañaral (a little coastal city 1 hour away from Diego de Almagro) on Thursday, and then on Friday we traveled in the opposite direction for 1 hour to El Salvador. El Salvador is a beautiful town that was constructed by North Americans that owned a nearby mine. It is small but spacious and beautiful -- it was like taking a step back into a town in the USA. But, the most beautiful part are the hills. We live in the driest desert of the world, the Atacama desert, yet it is not a sandy desert but a mineral desert. That means that the hills are filled with the most amazing colors; I think mom would actually love it! And, at sunset, they shine bright colors and fill one's soul with pure amazement. God created this beautiful earth just for us! I hope that this week I can take some pictures in El Salvador, as we will be working there every week. We have investigators there now, and since there are no missionaries working there, it pertains to our sector. We have been working like crazy!

Of course, the greatest part of the mission is the chance to be an instrument in the Lord's hands for the salvation of His children. I know that this is His work, and it is a great blessing to be able to serve Him. I know that if we serve with all of our might, the Lord will make us examples of the believers and bring many people unto Him. I love serving in this branch, and though I am looking forward to seeing you all again, I know that I am where the Lord needs me to be. It will be a sad day when I have to leave this beautiful branch! I have grown to love the members that I'm serving and the investigators that I'm teaching.

Well, take care and know that I am thinking about all of you. I love you, and I pray for you always. Have a wonderful week! Can you believe that we're already in the middle of May? Time passes by way too fast!

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