Sunday, July 11, 2010

End of May!

May 31, 2010 (Companion's insomnia)

Every time someone asks me how much time I have in my mission, it's just a reminder of how little time I have left and how much I have to get to work and make the best use of what I have! It's been quite a crazy week. I'll try to recap just a bit in this email, but if you want more you'll just have to ask to see my journal after I get back. I wrote like 4 pages for each day. Crazy, huh?

So basically, my companion's had insomnia for a long time now, like 4 months, and now his head is hurting constantly. It's been pretty tough for him, but he's done a great job, and he never really complains, he just keeps working. Well, I finally told him, "Elder, you gotta get that checked out." So, we called President Urra to get permission to get lots of tests done in Antofagasta.

We spent much of the week back in the office in Antofagasta, and it was really nostalgic! I really loved the work there and serving the other missionaries as the financer. I helped Elder Mortensen with reimbursements and did what I could to help while we were there in Antofagasta, but after 2 days I felt anxious to get back to Diego de Almagro. So, with the permission of my mission president, I went back to work with the Elders in ChaƱaral while my companion spent more time doing tests in Antofagasta. I had the amazing opportunity of doing splits with our district President, Elder Dinamarca, and serve and teach the members and investigators in Diego de Almagro. We worked a lot, but we also travelled a lot between the little towns here in our district.

Finally, Elder Howard came back and joined me so that we could work in Diego de Almagro. And what a happy little reunion! Luckily, there was nothing seriously wrong with my companion's health. We are working hard, and the spirit is our constant companion as we work for the salvation of our Heavenly Father's children.

One thing that did happen, however, is that President Urra called us to talk about Elder Howard's condition. He spoke to me and to my companion for a lot of time, and we did a lot of thinking and praying. My companion finally made a very hard decision: he is going to change his mission to work in the states. We'll find out what his new mission call is this coming Thursday, after the First Presidency assigns all the missionaries out on Wednesday. Of course, my companion is a little bummed, but we both know that this is what he needs to do. I have learned a lot from my companion and I am grateful to have met him. He is going to do awesome wherever he is assigned to serve!

Let's see, I don't have too much more time to write... But thank you all for your emails and your thoughts and prayers! I feel so blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. We have the greatest family ever!!!! :) I want you all to know that I know that this church is true, that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and is at the head of this church, guiding the prophets in our days. I also know that the priesthood authority is real, and that we have a great responsibility, having been born in these last days. I love being here in the mission, and I love to see the difference that we can make in others' lives as we strive to do what the Lord would do if he were in our place.

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