Sunday, May 2, 2010

Man's best friend

Mar. 22, 2010 (Elder Butch)

Sorry, I didn't take any new pictures this week to send... I'll try to do it next week! So, first off, I guess I'll let you know about something I found out just this morning while I was cleaning our house -- I'm going to have a new companion! Elder Smith is leaving me, and Elder Howard (another new missionary) is going to be arriving here in Diego de Almagro. It should be fun, though I'll really miss Elder Smith -- he is my great friend. But, such is the mission. Lots of changes and transfers, all of them unexpected. I'm pretty excited to get to know Elder Howard a little better (I met him in Antofagasta when I was serving as financer) and work with him here in our little branch.
Well, I'm loving life here in Diego de Almagro! We've had a ton of awesome experiences, some funny, some spiritual, all amazing. Let's see, yesterday we were cussed out by a drunk man, and another drunk man came in our defense, shared his feelings with us, thanked us for our work, and then gave us both a really big, slobbery kiss on the neck. That was pretty funny. We also tried to tame a wild dog. We named him Butch, and he came in our defense and started attacking other dogs that were in our path. I've also had fun with the train that passes by the mines around Diego de Almagro. You can put coins on the tracks and get them smashed up! I've always wanted to do that... :)
But those are just the little joys of life that we have to enjoy. The greatest part of missionary work here in Diego de Almagro is getting to know the amazing members and helping them out in any way possible. It's strange being in the position of Branch President and having to interview the members and help them with their individual problems, but I really do enjoy it. I found out that the interviews can be really spiritual experiences, if we seek to receive guidance and only help others in reaching their goals. I am really loving the work here in Diego de Almagro.
Well, my time has ended already here in the internet café! So, I guess I'll have to end my letter here. Thank you all for your love and support. I am really excited to speak with you more on Mother's Day and see how you are. Take care, and I'll see you in six months!

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