Sunday, May 2, 2010

Earthquake in Southern Chile

Mar. 1, 2010 (Earthquake gets people out to church)

Well, this has been a pretty eventful week, with the earthquake and all! It turns out that the earthquake was one of the stongest in the history of the world. The epicenter was about 1200 miles from where we are, and we still felt it! But, it is really a miracle that nothing worse happened here. With the intensity of the earthquake, there were relatively few deaths, especially compared with what happened in Haiti. And, the only thing that happened to us is that the power went out all morning, and in a few parts, the the water pressure dropped almost to nothing.
But, life is already back to normal! I was thinking that the whole earth quake would get more people to church, but I think everyone's waiting for 2012. Too bad... We were really protected here in the North, and I know that our Heavenly Father is watching out for all of us. One of the members of the branch told us about how she was traveling to the south the day before the earthquake. She felt the Spirit telling her to get off the bus, so she did, being left in the middle of nowhere, in the Atacama desert, with nothing but a huge suitcase with her. She called her husband, who picked her up and took her back to their home in Paipote. She didn't know why she felt the prompting until she heard the news of the Earthquake. We really are protected as we come to understand and follow the promptings of the Spirit!
I think the only thing that really happened with the earthquake is that it caused all of the transfers to come to a halt. None of the 18 missionaries who were going to arrive can come in to Chile as of yet, and none of the missionaries who are leaving can go out just yet. So, all the transfers have been delayed, which means I'm staying here in Paipote! Yay!
We have had a lot of work here in Paipote and have seen many miracles. Our English class went really well, and we had one awesome investigator come to church. And, since all the vacations finally ended, we'll actually be able to find people at home starting this week!

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