Sunday, May 2, 2010

Diego de Almagro

April 12, 2010 (Week of miracles)

It has been a truly amazing week here in Diego de Almagro with my
companion Elder Howard. We’ve been working really hard to help our
little branch and its members. One of the greatest blessings is to
work side by side with some of the most amazing leaders of the church.
This past weekend, we had a Branch Counsel and President Dinamarca,
our District President, came. President (or Elder) Dinamarca is a
senior missionary serving with his wife. They’ve been serving missions
for a really long time. This is their fourth consecutive mission, and
they are just filled with energy and love for the people. As Elder
Dinamarca spoke during our Branch Counsel meeting, the spirit was
there to edify all of us. It was amazing to see how all of our branch
members were just drawn into his presence and could all feel the
spirit that he brought to the meeting. We left, excited to start
working and serving here in Diego de Almagro. Though we are few, we
are strong, and the Lord is with us. I know this is true! :)

This week was literally filled with miracles. The members started
working along side of us, and we had one of the best weeks that we’ve
ever had here in Diego de Almagro! What has impressed me most is the
sweet peace that the spirit brings as we work diligently, striving to
serve as Christ would serve if He were here working by our side. And
though He may not be in our presence physically, I know that the
Spirit is here guiding our steps. I have to admit, being Branch
President has been one of my favorite assignments here in the mission.
It’s not at all about presiding at meetings or anything like that;
it’s about the quality of service I’ve been able to render – not only
to investigators but also to the amazing branch members here in Diego
de Almagro!

One amazing experience was when the Spirit prompted me to make an
appointment to interview a non-active member of the church. I did so,
even though I had my doubts that he’d show up to the chapel for the
interview. When the day came, to our great surprise and joy, he showed
up. At first the interview was a bit slow. He spoke. I listened. As he
spoke, I felt the spirit so strong as to overcome my frame, and we
began to converse and read in the scriptures. Though I will not say
everything that was said between us, at the end of the interview this
inactive member told me this (though it was in Spanish): “It’s a bit
strange. I came here today with the intention of telling you
everything and leaving the church forever. But, I felt the Spirit
speak to my soul. I commit to saying my prayers every day. I know it
sounds like something so small! But I know that it’s what God wants me
to do.” In this moment, I felt an overwhelming feeling of love towards
this inactive member – and I know that the Lord had reached out His
kind and merciful hand to one of His children in need. After a
blessing of comfort and strength, this member left my office smiling
through his tears. It was an edifying and spiritual moment, and I know
that God reaches out to all of his children in love.

I wish I could express everything I have felt through words in this
email. But, I know that this would be impossible. Instead, I want you
to know that I know that this church is true. We have the most amazing
gift available to mankind: the gift of the Holy Ghost! We can be lead
and guided to help those who are in need, and as we see the Lord’s
hand in our life and theirs, our joy becomes perfect. God loves his
children. We are so blessed to live in a day of miracles!

Well, I don’t have much more time to tell you how amazing the mission
is or how much I love you all. I’m looking forward to hearing from you
next week! Sorry I don’t have any pictures – I’ve really been slacking
off. I guess today I’ll have to take a bunch so I can send them to you
next week. :)

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