Sunday, May 2, 2010

Branch President Hobbs

Mar. 15, 2010 (Special Transfer)

So, I've figured out that here in the mission we are just preparing for our life afterwards, which means we have tons of transfers and things like that. Well, I'm still working here in Diego de Almagro as Branch President, but now my companion, Elder Aguilar, has left to Vallenar and I'm with a new companion! My new companion's name is Elder Smith, so people seem to ask us every day, "Are you related to Joseph Smith?" I'm pretty sure that my companion is sick of it by now! :) Elder Smith is from Conneticut and has been in the mission for about 2 months. But, he speaks Spanish really well! We're working hard here in Diego de Almagro, but it's a little tough for me because I still haven't gotten very familiar with the town! We are the only missionaries, so we have the entire city to work in. It's actually really great -- I'm loving every minute of the work here. I'm sending a picture of me and my new companion, and also of the sunrise this morning that we saw as we were walking to the bus stop (we are actually in Chañaral right now; we have zone conference tomorrow).
Just to let you know about some of my new responsibilities (to answer some of the questions I got), I am still a missionary, but I have to coordinate everything for sacrament meetings and things like that. I am starting the interviewing process to get to know all of the members here in Diego de Almagro. It's a lot of work with the members, but I really do love it. We have been working a lot with inactive members also, and guess what? Two inactive families attended church last Sunday! There were 20 people in all in our little chapel. Which is really great for Diego! Both of these inactive families is really great. The mother of one of the families shared a powerful testimony last week, and she is sticking with her commitment to come and share with others. The father of the other family is a Melchizedek Priesthood holder, and his wife is endowed in the temple. It was amazing to have them in church and to have them participate in our Gospel Principles class and bear testimony of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon. We have a lot of strength in our little branch, and I know that our Heavenly Father is working a lot with us so that we can build up the faith of the members and His kingdom here in Chile.
Sadly, I don't have very much time to write today! I guess my time is cutting shorter and shorter every time I write... I don't know why that is... We watched Ice Age 3 in Spanish for our P-day activity here in Chañaral with Elder Zúniga and Elder Rodriguez. It was great fun. And, we're getting ready for lots of training meetings with our new district president, Elder Dinamarca. It is amazing to be here in the mission!
Well, I really do wish I could write more! But, I guess this will have to suffice for today. Thank you for all of your letters and notes and pictures. I loved it! I love you all, and I want to share with you my testimony that this is the true church, that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ. I have never known that as sure as I do now!

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