Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Training a new financer

December 8, 2009 (Sorry I didn't write sooner)

Sorry I didn't write sooner! We've been super busy in the office and in our sector, especially working with the upcoming transfers. 15 missionaries are leaving the mission, and there are 10 arriving. It's been lot's of work, and the craziest part is that our internet service in the office died the other day! We still don't know what happened, so here I am in an internet café for the first time in 6 months of being in the office. It's kinda fun!

Sorry I don't have any pictures! But I sure do have lots of stories to tell! Just today, I started training a new financer! The new financer is my good friend Elder Mortensen from Salt Lake City. We were roommates in the MTC! How crazy... This change means I'll finally have the chance to burn a little bit of the fat I've been gaining here in the office, but poor Elder Mortensen will have to endure Christmas in the office. :) However, we had a special transfer because one missionary won't be coming who we thought would. So, that means that President wants me to train Elder Mortensen in 2 WEEKS and then work in another sector here in Antofagasta for the rest of the transfer. I'm not sure if it'll be possible, especially because we still don't have internet for the majority of the office work, but I'll try my best! We'll see how everything goes...

This week was filled with work and stress, but tons of miracles as well! We had one baptism last weekend, David Vásquez Jamet, an awesome young man. But I don't have the pictures with me! We also have one investigador, Paola, who has been attending church for some time now. We went to her house on Sunday (she lives with a member family), and the family told us that Paola had some bad news. She was going back to her own family for the Holidays in Iquique and didn't want to be baptized before leaving. We were pretty bummed, but then we looked at Paola and she was just smiling. The whole family burst into laughter and screamed, "JUST KIDDING!!!!" Paola had received a really special answer to her prayer and will be baptized on December 19th! We were full of joy to hear this news.

The rest of the day we were elated, and as we worked we just found miracle after miracle. Everyone we talked to wanted to hear our message. The Lord really does put people in our paths for us to find, but we can help these people only as we are ready and willing to listen to the spirit and then ACT upon the impressions we receive.

Well, I don't have too much more time to write. I wish I could write to all of you individually! Thank you so much for your letters. And Jenny, the crazy part is that I understood everything you said in your letter! I guess that means I speak Spanish now... Crazy... Well, I'm off to the office to train the new missionaries.

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